Jamjacks Dog Body Suit Pippa

The perfect solution for in-season pets!

One of the best things about being in business is the way fresh ideas and inspirations pop up out of nowhere.

We originally invented JamJacks as a comfy, non-threatening alternative to those awful Elizabethan dog collar things that dogs and cats hate so much. But it turns out they have another really useful and practical purpose: they’re ideal for pets on heat. 

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A comfy way to prevent scratching and licking – Inspired by Jamie

Those white plastic cone-shaped collars might stop your pet scratching a wound or licking sore places but they’re sharp, hard and cumbersome, no fun at all for any self-respecting moggie or pooch.

It’s easy to see why pets hate them. They get in the way of cats’ and dogs’ peripheral vision, which is probably stressful. They also mask and distort the sounds cats and dogs rely on to make sense of their world, a bit like having your head shoved into an enormous megaphone.

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