Ctas Love our Jam Jacks Body Suits too - pet care

Cats love our jackets, too!

Most of the photos in Jamie’s gallery are of dogs wearing our lovely little jackets, looking cosy and comfy and calm. But what about cats?

As you can see above, pretty Scarlett the cat also loves her Jamjacks jacket. Which is good news when there are more than eight and a half million cats in Britain, and 19% of British households own at least one puss.

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Jamjacks Bodysuit Pet Care How To Prepare Your Dog For An Operation

How to prepare your dog for an operation

Just like us, plenty of pets need an operation at one point or another in their lives. So how do you prepare your pooch and help things go as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned? We thought it’d be useful to look into pre- and post-op procedures to keep your beloved pet as happy as possible at a difficult time.

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