Now that the summer sunshine is upon us, we take a look at some top activities and tips to help keep your canine companion happy and contented during these hazy days.

Whilst your dog loves to burn off steam outside running and jumping about, it’s important to remember that your dog needs to be looked after much like your children do! So ensuring their safety and well-being is of the utmost importance in order for summertime to be a fun time for you, your family and your dogs too.

Exercise and walking

Remember that summertime is hot and it can be lovely to have an afternoon walk in the sunshine…but your dog might not feel the same way. Temperatures are cooler in the early morning, so try and get outside with your dog before the heat gets too much.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

All this heat really takes it out of your pet so ensure they are thoroughly hydrated for the whole day. If you are out walking with your pet, take a bottle of water for them as well as yourself. As an added incentive, add a little flavour to the water such as juices from your dog feed or a little tuna water. It might not look good to us but your dog will be slurping it up and coming back for more.

Suncream for your pet

It is not just people that can get sunburn, dogs can get burned too. Your dogs nose is usually the first place to burn and the most susceptible so be sure to provide plenty of shade and avoid direct sunlight when the sun is at its hottest. You can actually purchase specialist sun cream just for your dog, you would do it for your kids so why not your pet – take a look here

Avoid Heatstroke

Dogs cool down by panting and they can very quickly become overheated, especially in hot weather so it is important to know the signs of heatstroke and how to avoid it

Avoid heated tarmac

That super smooth tarmac on the pavement can easily turn in to a nightmare for your poor dog when they walk on it with their unprotected pads. Try and keep your dog off the pavement in the heat and encourage them to play on the cool grass instead.

Back Garden Fun

Dog’s need lots of stimulation, just like kids do and even more so in the summer months. If you have a shallow paddling pool that your dog can cool off and play in then this can be a great idea but always make sure they are supervised. Putting those squeaky toys in the freezer for a short time will help cool your dog down and provide a welcome treat for your furry friend.

And when the day is over….

When you get back to the house after those long summer days and your dog is ready to cool down and unwind, this is the perfect time to check your dog for ticks or other unwanted pests that might have attached themselves during the course of the day.

It’s always wise to check your pet each evening and this is the ideal time to then put on the JamJacks Pet Bodysuit. Comfortable, breathable fabric with an antibacterial waterproof gusset, the bodysuit can help your pet deal with any niggly tick bites that they might have suffered without them biting or irritating the area further.

Treat yourself to a JamJacks Pet Bodysuit today and keep it at hand for those summer evenings.


Above all – Have fun with your dog this summer and stay safe.





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