Happy Halloween from Jam Jacks Petcare Dog Bodysuit

With Halloween and Bonfire night fast approaching it’s a tough time for our lovely furry friends…. firstly the humiliation of an absolutely adorable pumpkin/ ghost outfit (‘Mum do i have to wear this’) and then secondly, and most importantly, the terrifyingly loud noises of fireworks.On the outfit front I confess I am in the camp believing that a dachshund in a ghost outfit is adorable and on that note can we suggest a wonderful artist to capture your animal in their fancy dress outfit at Lucy’s Pet Portraits in oil on canvas and check out the Crafty Moo arts and Crafts blog.

On a serious note though, if your pup is anything like our beloved Jamie was, the sound of fireworks whether humanly audible or not, resulted in an assault on the nearest pile of cushions to bury his head down deep, hiding under chairs or tables, or cowering in the corners of the room!

Our JamJacks suit has proved a god send for many an owner, as experts have suggested that anxious pets appreciate being swaddled in something warm, soft and close fitting (similar to the human calming reaction a baby feels when being swaddled). Apparently wearing something snug makes them feel calmer, happier and less stressed. This is also important of course when your animal is recovering from an operation, injury or illness during this time.

In designing our suit we have sourced the finest Italian patented fabric that is not only breathable in nature, but is flexible and soft to touch. The antibacterial gusset for dogs that are recovering from an operation allows for minimised risk of infection and no licking, to ensure the fastest healing time possible before they are back out chasing that ball!

One of the best parts though is, the JamJacks suit means no more cone collar of shame! This allows for not only a happier dog who will eat and sleep in his comfy new ‘pjs’ and not get stuck in any small gaps, but also happy owners reducing the bashes to furniture!

A very helpful link from the Dogs Trust on tips for dog owners around bonfire night http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/az/f/fireworks/default.aspx

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