Ctas Love our Jam Jacks Body Suits too - pet care

Most of the photos in Jamie’s gallery are of dogs wearing our lovely little jackets, looking cosy and comfy and calm. But what about cats?

As you can see above, pretty Scarlett the cat also loves her Jamjacks jacket. Which is good news when there are more than eight and a half million cats in Britain, and 19% of British households own at least one puss.

Why buy a Jamjacks jacket for your cat?

Like dogs, cats’ senses are incredibly acute. They rely on their hearing to pinpoint where threats lie and to find out about their world, and their sense of sight is equally important to their comfort, safety and confidence.

When you put one of those horrid plastic ‘Elizabethan’ collars on your cat, you partially deprive him or her of both senses, leaving them feeling edgy and worried, stressed and unhappy. But they actually like wearing our jackets, which protect them without leaving them feeling vulnerable.

Top quality materials and clever design

The high specification, cleverly-designed  fabric breathes beautifully, keeping your puss cool and comfy. It’s very soft, moving with your cat so they don’t feel too restricted. The gusset is made from towelling with an antibacterial finish to help keep wounds in the area especially clean, and there’s a waterproof backing to limit wetness and prevent your pet from licking the area and making it damp.

All of which means when your cat has been spayed, has an injury or wound, or a skin condition, they can’t make it worse by pulling out their stitches or getting the area damp and dirty. As a result they’ll heal faster and feel better sooner.

Best of all, our jackets are really easy to put on and take off, particularly important when most cats are not known for obedience and biddability!

Have a jacket ready and waiting for your cat

Some people buy their cat a jacket as a distress purchase, when there’s an emergency. But most cat owners buy one so it’s ready and waiting, just in case it’s needed. It’s entirely up to you, we’ll deliver your Jamjacks product as fast as humanly possible. But being prepared, as any good Boy Scout knows, is always best!

Do you have any questions about Jamjacks jackets? Feel free to get in touch. We’re always delighted to help.

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