JamJacks Bodysuit Modelled by Lola

All too often our product is a ‘distress purchase’, which means dog owners buy one when their dog needs it instead of having one to hand just in case. But we think every pooch deserves a Jamjacks suit. Here’s why.

Giving your dog a big Jamjacks hug!

What is a Jamjacks jacket? It’s a lovely little dog suit specially for indoor wear, designed with dogs’ comfort in mind. When a dog is anxious, wearing one of our suits, which fits snugly around their body without feeling tight, hot or uncomfortable in any way, helps soothe anxiety. It’s a bit like giving your dog a hug.

We’ve gone to great lengths to source a very special patented Italian fabric that breathes to keep your dog at exactly the right temperature. It’s soft and cosy with a special antibacterial towelling gusset to help keep infections at bay. And the gusset’s waterproof backing minimises leaks as well as stopping your pet from licking their wound.

When do dogs need a Jamjacks suit?

Our suits are perfect for all these occasions:

  • to keep post-operation scars and wounds clean, dry and comfortable
  • so your dog can play and have fun when they’re on heat, without leaving a mess
  • any time your dog is anxious, to make them feel calmer
  • to stop them pulling out stitches, licking sore patches and licking off medicines

 Why do dogs enjoy wearing our suits?

If you’ve ever had an operation, you’ll know how it feels. To recover properly you need to keep the wound clean and dry as well as preventing any nasties from getting in and causing infection.

It’s difficult to achieve all this unless it’s covered up, since just like us, dogs tend to instinctively scratch itchy, healing wounds and sore places when we’re asleep. And disturbing and dirtying a wound is never a good idea.

Our suits help dogs heal faster and be less stressed by the exerience.

What size suit does your dog need?

Our suits come in a wide range of sizes, depending on the length between the base of your pet’s neck and the base of their tail. It’s an easy measurement to make, and we’ve provided guidance on our ‘suit’ page about what to do if your dog falls between two sizes.

It’s easy to put on and easy to remove, and its fully washable.

Why not just use an ‘Elizabethan collar’?

How would you like to have to wear a scratchy white plastic cone around your head? While Elizabethan collars do the job, it’s often a distressing experience for a dog. They can’t see properly, their hearing is impeded and it gets in the way of everyday life. Our suits are much more comfy and practical.

Some dogs, including our little West Highland terrier Jamie, even refuse to eat and drink when forced to wear a plastic cone around their neck. He absolutely hated it, but he likes wearing his smart, bright blue suit. It puts a big doggie grin on his face!

Be prepared and make your dog happy

Why not treat your beloved pooch to a Jamjacks suit and keep it handy for when they need it?

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