Vets Pooch Jamjacks Pet Care Bodysuit

We take every opportunity to get our jackets in front of vets. They’re the professionals who most often buy, use and sell those nasty plastic cones, providing them to dog owners whose pets need to be prevented from biting out their stiches, licking wounds or opening up operation scars.

That’s why we were so amused to encounter a story about a European vet who ‘got’ our jackets instantly, understood the benefits immediately, bought one for his own dog… but balked at stocking them for his customers. It’s a backwards sort of way to highlight the usefulness of our products, and we think you’ll appreciate the irony.

Apparently a friend of ours took one of our jackets to show a vet in mainland Europe. He dismissed it on price grounds, because the plastic cones his practice sold to customers only cost him pennies but could be sold at an impressive profit.

So far, so silly. But here’s the best bit. He actually put his hand in his pocket, pulled out some cash and bought one of our jackets for his own dog, who was about to have an operation.

If it’s good enough for a vet’s dog, it’s obviously good enough for your pooch. It’s an ongoing challenge selling our jackets in to veterinary practices, but ordinary people are snapping them up in droves via our site. If you’re one of them, why not take your Jamjacks jacket to show your vet? We’d love to know what he or she thinks.

We’d also love to know what you and your dog think about our comfy, comforting, hygienic, hard-wearing innovation. Our little dog would wear his all the time if he could. And it makes caring for him after operations so much easier, cleaner and more effective. It’s great for female dogs on heat, too, letting them join in with family fun without all the mess.

Happy dogs heal faster… and that European vet obviously recognised we were onto a good thing. Shame he didn’t want to share the opportunity with his customers. But you can’t win ‘em all!

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