Happy New Year from Jam Jacks Pet Care Bodysuit

We’d like to wish our lovely customers and their pooches a very happy New Year. We hope it brings you and your dog everything you want out of life.

We’re very excited about 2014’s potential. The word is spreading about our special doggie jackets and more and more pets are enjoying a stress-free recovery from operations without a horrible plastic dog collar thing getting in the way.

In 2013 we had a rush of dog owners buying our Jamjacks to use when their female dogs are on heat, the perfect way to let them play with the kids and have fun as normal without making a mess.

We also have a growing fan base of vets, who appreciate the way our jackets stop dogs from biting their stitches, scratching wounds and licking where they shouldn’t, all in relative comfort without that great big white Buster collar that was the only choice before we came along.

We’re looking forward to making more of a splash than ever in 2014. We believe dogs should be happy, comfortable and free, and it’s our mission to give every dog the chance to test our Jamjacks for size. In the meantime, here are our top 3 New year resolutions for dogs and their owners.

3 top New Year resolutions for dogs and their owners in 2014

1.       More walkies! Just like humans, healthy, fit dogs get poorly less frequently, are happier and heal faster. Obviously little dogs need less exercise than big ones. You can find out the optimum walk length by asking your vet –it depends on their age, health and breed. Here’s what the Pedigree website says about walks:


Just as fish need to swim and birds need to fly, dogs need to walk. In the wild, packs of dogs get up in the morning and walk to find food. The pack’s Alpha Dog leads the way, and the lower pack mates dutifully follow. For a dog, walking fulfills a migration instinct.

While letting your dog run around the backyard or taking him to the dog park can be good exercise, it isn’t a substitute for walking. These activities don’t offer the same mental stimulation your dog gets by investigating every smell, sight, and sound when you take him for a stroll. As you and your dog walk, he’s gathering information about how his territory has changed since the last time he was on that same route.

Walk for good behaviour

A walk is also a great opportunity to practice obedience skills with your dog and reinforce your bond with him. When you encounter another dog or person on your route, you can help him practice social skills. Behaviorists believe dogs that are taken for daily walks are better behaved and are less likely to be destructive, obsessive, or have separation/dominance issues.

A proper dog walk

Believe it or not, there is a right way to walk your dog. Your pooch should either walk beside you or behind you, never in front of you. In other words, you should walk your dog, not the other way around. This may seem trivial, but it means a lot in your dog’s world. When you let a dog walk in front of you, you’re communicating that he’s the one who is in charge of the walk.”

2.       Natural treats – Again just like us, dogs adore treats. It’s important to give your dog good quality, natural treats with loads of animal protein instead of additives, fillers and chemicals. And don’t feed them scraps from the table either. Commercial dog food is specially formulated to give dogs the nutrients they need, but table scraps can cause serious health problems.

3.       Loads of play – Walks are great. But dogs are playful creatures and get a great deal of pleasure out of playing with their owners too. Promise to play with your pooch for 5-10 minutes a few times a day and see the difference. You’ll love each other more than ever and it makes you feel just as happy as your pooch.

What about your resolutions?

How about you and your dog? How are you going to have more fun in 2014?

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