Christmas gift ideas for your dog from Jam Jacks Petcare Dog Bodysuit

Dogs are part of the family, and they get just as excited about unwrapping presents as children. If you want to buy gifts for your pooch this year, here are our top ten ideas.

10 great dog gifts for Christmas

1.       Yummy treats – buy natural, organic treats with a good, high meat content. Like cheap human food, bargain dog treats are usually pretty nasty, full of rubbish it’s best to avoid. You can buy doggie chocolates, but it isn’t the best idea in the world since the chocolate humans eat is highly poisonous to dogs ad can easily kill them. It doesn’t take much to make them extremely ill, so it probably makes sense not to give them a taste for the stuff in the first place.
2.       A new collar – again, a good quality collar will last for ages, won’t rub your dog’s neck and make it sore and will keep him or her safe when on a lead without slipping off or causing choking

3.       A new bed – dog beds soon get so grubby that washing doesn’t really work any more. There are all sorts of dog beds available, from super-expensive waterproof ones for huge dogs to cute little eco beds for wee dogs. If  you’re into interior décor, it’s good to know there’s a vast range of colourways and patterns to suit your home

4.       A posh dog coat – Small dogs, old or poorly dogs benefit from wearing a coat out on walkies, as do pooches with short hair and thin dogs like greyhounds, who have trouble keeping warm. On the other hand, most dogs don’t need a coat. It’s humans who enjoy putting their dogs in clothes, and too much heat can be bad for them. As many vet websites advise and the London Dog Forum says, “In most cases dogs do not need to wear coats.” If in doubt, ask your vet first

5.       Toys galore! But there’s one vital thing to bear in mind. Cheap dog toys, especially plastic ones, can contain all sorts of nasty chemicals which can leach out into dog saliva and make them poorly.  Puppies in particular love to chew things to bits, so make sure the toys you buy are completely safe. Whatever your dog’s age, buy good quality toys from a proper pet store, online or offline, and avoid the cheap and nasty stuff

6.       A new lead – Look for something soft but strong, with rust-resistant metal bits. There are lots of really good, super-durable high density nylon leads around which last for ages, look great and are sturdy, safe and secure

7.       Special dog shampooAnimology has invented a very special award winning ‘no rinse’ dog shampoo that’s so mild it even suits little puppies aged 6 weeks upwards. It’s much better than a bath because it is low-key enough not to strip your dog’s coat of essential oils, and it’s much less messy! Their entire range is very popular, loved by dogs and their owners alike

8.       A doggie flap – dogs are very good at holding on if they want to go to the loo, but as you can imagine it isn’t always nice for them. How about fitting a dog flap? The Ferplast swing door, for example, is easy to install in most wood, metal or glass doors, windows and even walls

9.       Beautiful dog bowls – Including the amazing light, portable, collapsibleQuencher travel bowl from Ruffwear, ideal for taking on walks and for holidays

10.   Training aids – dogs are clever people and they love to learn new things. Brighten up their walks and playtimes with an astonishing and thrilling range of excellent training aids including clickers and whistles, training kits and treat bags. Who’s a clever dog, then?

Our Jamjacks are also a really good idea, perfect for stopping then nibbling at stitches and licking wounds, equally good when they’re on heat. But what’s your favourite doggie gift, the thing that gives them the most pleasure? We’d love to know, so feel free to leave a comment.

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