Jamjacks Dog Body Suit human_baby

Apparently human babies much prefer to be surrounded by snuggly, warm fabric than left naked, especially when they’re really little. It’s understandable having come out of a lovely, warm, walled womb where there are no draughts or chilly bits.

The same feeling seems to follow us throughout our lives. We adore cosy beds, fluffy duvets, woolly blankets, cosy underwear. We’re not too happy being naked to the elements unless we’re on the beach or it’s very, very hot. As humans, our clothing acts as a comfort blanket. And the same probably goes for dogs.

Experts have recently suggested that anxious pets also appreciate being swaddled in something warm, soft and close-fitting. Apparently wearing something snuggly makes them feel calmer, happier and less stressed, especially when they’re poorly or off colour, are on heat or recovering from an illness, injury or operation. A lovely warm, safe doggie bed is great… but a close-fitting, warm doggie jacket is even better, especially when it stops you nibbling at your stitches or licking a sore patch.

That’s probably why our suit, as well as an excellent alternative to a buster collar or Elizabethan collar, seems to have a calming effect on pooches who are feeling nervous, unwell or sore in one way or another.

We’ve taken great care to use the most appropriate fabric for the job, some lovely Italian stuff we sourced and patented especially for its breathable nature and super-softness. No nasty rough or wrinkly stuff, hard edges or poky sharp bits for our dog, or our customers’ beloved animals. Their happiness and peace of mind is worth much more than that!

We’ve even built in a soft towelling gusset with a clever antibacterial finish, so your pet’s wound has the chance to heal beautifully with no licking and a minimised risk of infection. And the gusset has a waterproof backing to limit leakage, too, which is especially handy for dogs on heat, who seem to really enjoy and appreciate being buttoned up safe inside such a gorgeous garment.

If you’ve ever seen an embarrassed dog, you’ll know how much they dislike looking silly. Cats are just the same – they hate being made to look foolish. That’s why, last but not least, our jackets look pretty darned cool as well as doing a much better job than a buster collar. If I was a dog or cat, I’d much prefer a smart jacket to a daft-looking white trumpet thing stuck around my neck any day!

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