Jamjacks Dog Body Suit Pippa

One of the best things about being in business is the way fresh ideas and inspirations pop up out of nowhere.

We originally invented JamJacks as a comfy, non-threatening alternative to those awful Elizabethan dog collar things that dogs and cats hate so much. But it turns out they have another really useful and practical purpose: they’re ideal for pets on heat. 

Little Pippa test-drives JamJacks in season

Our good friend Sarah from Pooch and Co contacted us a couple of weeks ago because her sweet little Cockapoo, Pippa, had gone into season for the first time. The poor little thing didn’t know what to do with herself and, although she was doing her best to keep herself clean, things were getting pretty messy. So we sent a Jamjacks jacket over to see if it’d help.

Apparently it worked a treat. As Sarah said, “The suit saved the day. It enabled the kids to carry on picking Pippa up and having her on their laps for cuddles, and it also saved the sofa, carpet and so on from disaster!”

How often do dogs go on heat?

Most dogs experience a doggie version of puberty at about six months old. Healthy un-spayed female dogs go into season every six months or so but it can vary, sometimes once a year and sometimes once a quarter depending on the breed and size of your pooch. As a general rule, big dogs tend to go into heat less frequently.

Because the process can last between two and three weeks, our jackets are a great way to help your dog stay clean and comfy and enjoy normal, everyday treats like cuddles and games when she’s on heat. And they save dog owners a fortune in furniture and carpet cleaning, too!   

Thanks to Sarah and, of course, to little Pippa for the inspiration.

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