Jam Jacks Dog Collar

Your dog needs to be prevented from scratching a wound, stitches or just a sore patch. So you fit a conical white plastic collar. They’re called Buster collars by most UK vets. In the USA and elsewhere in the world they’re called Elizabethan collars. But wherever you are in the world, dogs don’t seem to like them much.

 I need my sense of smell!

It’s understandable. Dogs have an incredibly acute sense of smell, which they use to explore their world, identify threats and orient themselves. Unlike us, dogs interpret the world predominantly through scents, which is why blind dogs tend to fare pretty well as long as they’re well trained and keep their special sensory whiskers.
A dog’s brain is only a tenth the size of a human one, but the area dealing with aromas is 40 times bigger than ours. And they have an astonishing 125 to 300 million scent glands compared to our paltry 5 million. All of which makes their sense of smell anywhere between a thousand to ten million times more sensitive than ours, depending on the breed.

As you can imagine, a Buster collar or Elizabethan collar restricts a dog’s ability to sense where smells are coming from, muffling their fine-tuned awareness of direction and location. It must be really frustrating, if not downright scary.

I want to hear my world clearly

Dogs also have amazing hearing, which is impeded by a Buster collar. The cone shape of the Elizabethan collar works exactly like a megaphone, magnifying your dog’s breathing and voice inside, making it difficult for them to hear what’s beside and behind them as well as changing the acoustics of the sounds that come from directly ahead.
Weirdly, puppies are born deaf. They can hear from about 21 days old, but soon develop amazing skills. They can hear sounds at up to four times the distance we can, pick up higher pitched sounds than us and have a far wider frequency of sounds at their disposal. They have 18 or more muscles in their ears, which is why they’re so mobile, while we only have six. As a dog, if your ears’ movement is restricted by an Elizabethan or Buster collar, it must be extremely irritating.

My life looks far too exciting to miss

The collars get in the way of dogs’ vision, too, which is also much more acute than ours. Cup your hand around your eyes and you get the picture. Tunnel vision is no fun at all. You lose a lot of your peripheral ability to see your surroundings and it’s a challenge finding your way around without falling flat on your face.

An alternative to scary Elizabethan collars

We sell our products to vets. But you don’t need to be a vet to buy our specially designed Jamjacks alternatives to Buster collars. It’s the perfect buy for any dog owner, since most dogs need veterinary treatment at least once in their lives and it’s good to be prepared. Just like you, your best friend deserves better than a frightening, frustrating, annoying and restricting convalescence – and Jamjacks make getting better much better!

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