Those white plastic cone-shaped collars might stop your pet scratching a wound or licking sore places but they’re sharp, hard and cumbersome, no fun at all for any self-respecting moggie or pooch.

It’s easy to see why pets hate them. They get in the way of cats’ and dogs’ peripheral vision, which is probably stressful. They also mask and distort the sounds cats and dogs rely on to make sense of their world, a bit like having your head shoved into an enormous megaphone.

Jamie’s big idea

When our little dog Jamie was thirteen, he returned from an operation wearing a plastic collar. You know what it’s like as a pet lover. You can tell when they’re less than pleased. He was not a happy boy.

He couldn’t work out why he was having such problems navigating the house without bumping into things. He soon gave up in disgust and lay on the floor, refusing to move. He wouldn’t touch his usual treats, turned his nose up at water and left his dinner. We persisted but he was so miserable we freed him a few hours later.

The minute we removed the collar he leapt up and ran around the lounge in celebration… “I’m free!” Hm. Interesting.

Happiness helps healing

The vet agreed it was no good Jamie starving himself and getting depressed. Feeling miserable doesn’t help us heal, whether we’re furry or human, so we wanted him to feel happy and positive.

The vet said we needed to find another way to keep the wound covered, safe from licking and biting. So the whole family experimented until we found a solution. Four years on, having created a prototype we’re happy with and which Jamie actually enjoyed wearing, we’re spreading the news to veterinary nurses and pet owners who prefer their pet’s convalescence chilled and comfortable instead of irritating, alarming and restricting.

Our solution is an alternative product which results in happier pets and happier owners. Our company, JamJacks, is dedicated to Jamie, who sadly died last year at the age of 16. Although Jamie didn’t reach the end of our journey, he will always be our special Jamboy!

What do you think? We’d love to know what you think about our jackets. We also love seeing pets wearing their Jamjacks, whether it’s a fast-healing super-cool and laid back cat or a great big, jolly, confident dog en route to a speedy recovery.

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