We are a new family – run company who believe we have designed a product for the pet market that will sincerely benefit your animal.

We hope we have solved a problem for animal owners like ourselves by bringing this product to the market as an alternative to the existing restrictive plastic dog collars and cat collars. These collars, also known as dog cones, cat cones, comfy cones or Elizabethan collars are very restrictive for your pet and therefore generally uncomfortable and cumbersome.

When initially discussing the issues with the Vets and Owners, all were in full agreement that there exists a need for an alternative for dogs and cats to the current collars / plastic cones that have been around for many, many years.

Our JamJacks PetCare BodySuit is the perfect replacement for dog and cat Elizabethan collar cones that are used to control post operative pain for dogs and cats, helping pet recovery as well other things.

Jamie JamJacks dog bodysuit petcareOur journey started 4 years ago when Jamie was 13 years old.

He had been to the vet for an operation and returned home wearing a plastic collar. He did not look a happy boy and certainly did not appear to understand why he could not walk through spaces without banging into doors and tables! In disgust, he lay on the floor, resigned to his plight. We tried to entice him with treats (which, under normal circumstances, he would never refuse). We offered him water, then his dinner, but he was determined nothing was going to pass his lips.
After several hours of watching his discomfort we thought “enough of this situation” and removed the collar. Jamie immediately stood up and ran around the lounge, as if in a victorious lap of honour. He was free!!
We called the Vet and explained the situation. She agreed with our decision but explained that it was very important for us to find something to cover the wound to prevent Jamie from licking the area concerned.
After a few hours and many funny scenarios later, several of which involved our daughters’ underwear (and Jamie no doubt thinking all the while “What is this woman doing to me?!”) we finally came up with a ‘home-spun’ product which appeared to solve the problem!
So here we are, 4 years on and many prototypes and many ‘model’ fittings later (by Jamie, of course). We now have a much more sophisticated product that we are all very proud of.
Regrettably, the last steps in the journey have been without our ‘Jamie’, who sadly died last year, aged 16 years.
In dedication to him we hope that his suit can make an intolerable situation less stressful, not only for your pets but for yourselves.


Jamie & family x